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  1. go beyond

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    • 1. 超過某事物

      This year's sales figures go beyond all our expectations. 今年的銷售額之高完全超出我們的預料。

      The matter has gone beyond a joke. 這事可不是鬧著玩兒的。

    • ph. 忘乎所以,得意忘形

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    • ph. 超過限度

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    • ph. 死,到另一個世界

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    • ph. 死去,逝世

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    • ph. 越權,超出權限

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    • go way beyond 是什麼意思?

      1. go way beyond >> 做比所預期(or 所期望)更多的事 I believe they go way beyond; 我相信他們做了比其責任內更多的事 e.g. Our services go way beyond just finding trucks for each of your shipments! ...

    • 請協助翻譯本句Going Beyond the Job

      Going Beyond the Job = 超越工作的範圍

    • going above and beyond ....

      I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for going above and beyond the call during the last six months of operation. 我要藉此機會,感謝你們...