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  1. have a way with

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    • 1. 專門善於同...打交道 have a way with difficult children 專門能對付不聽話的孩子 have a way with motor bikes 很會修理摩托車
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    • 高手幫忙翻譯 Mercury 的一首歌~

      ...男孩 ) The boy had a way with words, he ...every honour with a masterly display 在精湛... out this way 他充分地排練.不願意...) She had wanted him...

    • 幫我翻譯Angela 's Ashes第十章內容

      ... Hannon and I get the horse ready . Mr Hannon has a lovely way with the horse . The bag men put the bags of coal up behind the horse...

    • 英文文法....the way

      The Internet has changed drastically ___ people communicate with each other. (A)the way how (B)that (C)the way 雖然我有正確答案了 但我還是想請問你認為...