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  1. in the way


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    • 1. 妨礙的 Her social life got in the way of her studies. 她的社交生活妨礙了學業。
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    • in the same way that...

      ... to personalities. And they do so in the same way. 是原句所包含的意思。 所以是Western zpdica...s) The family is not involved in the day-to-day running of the company. (of the compnay...

    • in which (in the way) 的問題

      ...還原成兩句[基本句] Customers' complaints will be solved in the way. à主要子句[加入句] Their seriousness is in the way. à...

    • in the waythe way

      ...of cooking Italian cuisine. 他學到了做意大利菜的方法(途徑)。 in the way of He has learnt how to cook in the way of Italian...