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  1. introduce sth. to

    • ph.
      引進; 使某人認識某物
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    • 1. 引進; 使某人認識某物 Automation is introduced to process of production. 自動化設備用於生產過程。 Printing was introduced to Europe from China. 印刷術是從中國傳到歐洲的。


    引進; 使某人認識某物

  2. 知識+

    • take 人 to task for 物/ 動作

      ...over sth) to criticize sb strongly for sth they have done: The local... taking the city council to task over its transport policy... to task for having introduced Chinese porcelain to ...

    • show... to...的文法

      show [sb] to [sb] : 帶領某人去見某人 show [sth] to [sb] : 將某物展示給某人 Please show ___ as a supressed wish. 2012-06-28 14:13:00 補充: introduce [sb] to [sb] 是另一個片語, 意思類似但口語程度有別...

    • 翻譯,英文片語。

      ...符合某人的需要 full of sth 充滿某物 16.sort..into 把..分類成 introduced to sb 介紹給某人 18.have an effect on sth 對某事物有效 19.hire sb to + V 雇用某人做某事 20.access to + N...