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  1. lay

    • IPA[lā]


    • v.
      put down, especially gently or carefully;prevent (something) from rising off the ground
    • n.
      the general appearance of an area, including the direction of streams, hills, and similar features;the position or direction in which something lies
    • noun: lay

    • verb: lay, 3rd person present: lays, gerund or present participle: laying, past tense: laid, past participle: laid

    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • v.
    • 1. put down, especially gently or carefully:

      she laid the baby in his crib

    • 2. prevent (something) from rising off the ground:

      there may have been the odd light shower just to lay the dust

    • 3. put down and set in position for use:

      it is advisable to have your carpet laid by a professional

      the groundwork for change had been laid

    • 4. set cutlery, crockery, and mats on (a table) in preparation for a meal:

      she laid the table for the evening meal

    • 5. cover (a surface) with objects or a substance:

      the floor was laid with tiles

    • 6. put the material for (a fire) in place and arrange it.
    • 7. make ready (a trap) for someone:

      she wouldn't put it past him to lay a trap for her

    • 8. work out (an idea or suggestion) in detail ready for use or presentation:

      I'd like more time to lay my plans

    • 9. present information or suggestions to be considered and acted upon by (someone):

      he laid before the House proposals for the establishment of the committee

    • 10. locate (an episode in a play, novel, etc.) in a certain place:

      no one who knew the area could be in doubt where the scene was laid

    • 11. stake (an amount of money) in a wager:

      she suspected he was pulling her leg, but she wouldn't have laid money on it

    • 12. used with an abstract noun so that the phrase formed has the same meaning as the verb related to the noun used, e.g., “lay the blame on” means ‘to blame’:

      she laid great stress on little courtesies

    • 13. (of a female bird, insect, reptile, or amphibian) produce (an egg) from inside the body:

      flamingos lay only one egg

      the hens were laying at the same rate as usual

    • 14. have sexual intercourse with.
    • 15. follow (a specified course):

      I'm going to lay a course for Ibiza harbor

    • n.
    • 1. the general appearance of an area, including the direction of streams, hills, and similar features:

      the lay of the surrounding countryside

    • 2. the position or direction in which something lies:

      roll the carpet against the lay of the nap

    • 3. the direction or amount of twist in rope strands.
    • 4. an act of sexual intercourse.
    • 5. a person with a particular ability or availability as a sexual partner.
    • 6. the laying of eggs or the period during which they are laid:

      the onset of lay may be marked by a dropping of the duck's abdomen

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