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  1. level

    • IPA[ˈlevl]



    • adj.
      水平的; 平坦的;等高的
    • n.
      水平面; 水平線;樓層; 層
    • vt.
      使保持水平; 使平坦;夷平
    • 過去式:levelled 過去分詞:levelled 現在分詞:levelling

    • 名詞複數:levels

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 水平的; 平坦的 I don't think this bed is level 我認為床不平 level ground 平地
    • 2. 等高的 the curtains are not hanging level 窗簾掛得不一樣高 when the water is level with this mark, the tank is half-full 當水與這個標記平齊時,水箱就裝滿了一半
    • 3. 並排的 the police car drew level with the taxi 警車追上來與出租車並排行駛 a level race 一場勢均力敵的比賽
    • 4. 不相上下的 supply should keep level with demand 應該保持供需平衡 at half-time the score was level 中場休息時比分相同
    • 5. 逼人的
    • 6. 平靜的 to keep a level head 保持頭腦冷靜


    • 1. 水平面; 水平線 on the level 在平地上 the garden is on a level with the floor 花園和地板在同一水平面上
    • 2. 樓層; 層 she parked the car on level 2 她把車停在2樓
    • 3. 高度 the level of the river 河流的水位 to be at shoulder-level 齊肩高
    • 4. 程度; 數量; 強度; 濃度 the level of alcohol in the blood 血液中的酒精含量 the level of illiteracy among school-leavers 輟學者中的文盲人數
    • 5. 等級; 水平 elementary/intermediate/advanced level 初級/中級/高級 to reach new levels of excellence 達到新的優秀水平
    • 6. 級別 decisions that are taken at board level 由董事會作出的決定 the system was first implemented at a local level 該制度首先在地方實施
    • 7. 層次 levels of language 語言的各個層面 the poem can be interpreted on various levels 這首詩可以在不同層面上進行闡釋
    • 8. 水平儀


    • 1. 使保持水平; 使平坦 to level the ground 平整地面
    • 2. 夷平 the enemy levelled the village 敵人將村莊夷為平地
    • 3. 擊倒 the punch levelled her attacker 她一拳擊倒了襲擊她的人
    • 4. 使相等 to level the score 扳平比分
    • 5. 以…瞄準 he levelled his gun at my chest 他舉槍瞄準我的胸膛
    • 6. 使針對 he levelled an icy stare at his wife 他冷冷地注視著妻子 to level a charge at or against sb. 對某人提出控告
    • 7. 對…作水平測量


    1. a height or distance from the ground or another stated or understood base

    2. a floor within a multistorey building

    3. a position on a scale of amount, quantity, extent, or quality

    4. a position in a hierarchy

    5. having a flat, horizontal surface

    6. at the same height as someone or something else

    7. having the same relative position; not in front of or behind

    8. having the same position or score in a contest

    9. calm and steady

    10. give a flat and even surface to

    11. demolish (a building or town)

    12. make (something, especially a score in sport) equal or similar

    13. aim (a weapon)

    14. be frank or honest with (someone)


    「1. having a flat, horizontal surface」的反義字

    「2. at the same height as someone or something else」的反義字

    「3. having the same relative position; not in front of or behind」的反義字

    「4. having the same position or score in a contest」的反義字

    「5. calm and steady」的反義字

    「6. demolish (a building or town)」的反義字

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