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    • 主發條;主要原因
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    • 中間夾有SPRING或CHUN的英文單字

      ... Handsprings Headsprings Innerspring Mainsprings Respringing Springboard Springheads Springhouse...

    • 英文達人幫幫忙

      ... clocks, there was no longer the need to wind a mainspring. 隨著電池、電力和石英為動力的鬧鐘的發明, 已經不再需要替鬧鐘上緊發條了...

    • 中翻英拜託了 狠短的句子送10點喔

      Environment imperceptibly influenced by what one constantly below at in We get content schemata easily This be me why can say environment be mainspring result in this content schemata and content schemata's different too.