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  1. mention

    • IPA[ˈmenʃn]



    • vt.
      提到;提名表揚; 傳令嘉獎
    • n.
      提及;提名表揚; 傳令嘉獎
    • 過去式:mentioned 過去分詞:mentioned 現在分詞:mentioning

    • 名詞複數:mentions

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 提到 to mention sth./sb. to sb. 對某人提起某事物/某人 to mention (to sb.) that ... (和某人)提到…
    • 2. 提名表揚; 傳令嘉獎 to be mentioned in dispatches 在戰報中受到表彰


    • 1. 提及 their eyes light up at the mention of food 提到食物時他們眼睛一亮 to make mention of sth. 提及某物
    • 2. 提名表揚; 傳令嘉獎 an honourable mention 榮譽獎


    1. refer to (something) briefly and without going into detail

    2. refer to (someone) as being noteworthy, especially as a potential candidate for a post

    3. a reference to someone or something

    4. a formal acknowledgement of something noteworthy