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  1. midst

    • IPA[midst]


    • prep.
      in the middle of.
    • n.
      the middle point or part.
    • noun: midst, plural noun: midsts

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. archaic, literary in the middle of.


  2. 知識+

    • of which如何翻譯?

      ...situation located within two small hills in the midst of which flowed a great river. 本句可還原成三句...small hills of which a great river flowed in the midst. 但這樣易引起模糊語意(ambiguity): "a great river of which...

    • golden goblet was ..???

      ... with fresh blood, from which Isabella drank even in the midst of the fiercest fighting. 被黑暗魔法所敗壞,此金黃色的酒杯裡...

    • 急翻譯 英文句子..

      原句應該是It makes(或made) my thought in the midst of chaos. 中間的單字應該是thought(想法;思考)而非though(雖然) 在混亂當中,它啟發了我的想法。