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  1. obtain

    • IPA[əbˈteɪn]


    • v.
      get, acquire, or secure (something);be prevalent, customary, or established
    • verb: obtain, 3rd person present: obtains, gerund or present participle: obtaining, past tense: obtained, past participle: obtained

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    • IPA[əbˈtān]


    • v.
      get, acquire, or secure (something): an opportunity to obtain advanced degrees

    Oxford American Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • obtain, gain, earn 的差別

      ...語言也沒辦法有太制式的規則來解釋為何用一種較適合而另一種不適用. "obtain" : 1. "取得", 得到, 用法較正式, 在正式場合使用. 2. to come into...

    • found v.s obtained 的用法?

      答案是(B)的obtain.. 字典裡的解釋 可能會讓你覺得find和obtain意義上頗為相似 沒什麼差別 但如果...quot; 裡面的"I"在過程中先search(寻找)→再find(發現)→最後obtain(得到) 才那個人的adress 所以這兩個字有些微的前後因果差別~~~

    • attain 與 obtain 的差別與用法??

      ... the age of 20 she will inherit the remainder of the estate. obtain: 獲得 to get something that you want or need,especially by going through...