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    • ~英翻中~ 個人心得 ... 急件

      ...value system. In that case, the work may not appear to be worth devoting one's life to (or even a substantial portion thereof). 人很少執行衝突的人的力量和方法; 二是補全的。 但有時有一種衝突...

    • 分詞構具的翻譯句子

      ...選擇多個步驟。」 翻成白話一點的英語是: to receive first user's input, which selects a number of steps that determine the first portion of the process 這句話的幾個分詞都不是分詞構句,就是現在分詞當形容詞罷了...

    • 請英文達人幫幫忙?〈10點〉

      ... the practice of "offshoring" a portion of their online tutoring to countries... might not meet certification requirements, one U.S. company already has conducted a pilot program...