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    • 外屋,廁所
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    • 托益的一題單字選擇題,謝謝。

      ...storehouse (倉庫; 知識的寶庫) (2) warehouse (倉庫; 儲藏室; 尤指批發商之儲藏室) (3) outhouse (= outbilding (美) 指屋外廁所) (4) stock house (x) => stockroom (商品展示室) ...

    • port a potty 是流動廁所嗎 ?

      ... " portable toilet" is a modern, portable, self-contained outhouse manufactured of molded plastic in a variety of colors and...

    • 英文的”可以方便的地方”有多少講法?

      ...donicker, dunny, flush toilet, indoor plumbing, kahsi, karzey, lav, lavatory, necessary house, outhouse(戶外廁所), piss-house, public convenience(公共廁所), sanitary, toilet room, water closet, etc...