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  1. please

    • IPA[pliːz]


    • v.
      cause to feel happy and satisfied;give satisfaction
    • adv.
      used in polite requests or questions;used to add urgency and emotion to a request
    • verb: please, 3rd person present: pleases, gerund or present participle: pleasing, past tense: pleased, past participle: pleased

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. used in polite requests or questions please address letters to the Editor what type of fish is this, please?
    • used to add urgency and emotion to a request please, please come home!
    • used to agree politely to a request ‘May I ring you at home?’ ‘Please do.’
    • used in polite or emphatic acceptance of an offer ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes, please.’
    • used to ask someone to stop doing something of which the speaker disapproves Rita, please—people are looking
    • used to express incredulity or irritation Oh please, is that meant to be a serious argument?
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    • 英文稿~~PLEASE

      ..., it's different every year. Let me chcek your throat, please open your mouth widely and say "Ah~" 喔~每一年都不一樣...

    • please 翻譯

      ...缺席。 神經浸潤:缺席。 手術切緣:腫瘤包膜局灶性破壞和腫瘤細胞exposure.Please與臨床表現相關聯,以確定手術切緣。 腫瘤多中心:缺席。 {注:在顯微鏡下...

    • pretty please ??

      please應該是動詞,而pretty應是修飾please的副詞 我個人認為,pretty please應該是說”非常拜託”,”極力請求”的意思。 不知道這樣有沒有正確回答您的問題呢??