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  1. pop

    • IPA[pɒp]



    • n.
    • vt.
      使…爆裂; 啪的一聲拉開; 啪的一聲合上;加熱爆開
    • vi.
      爆裂; 啪的一聲打開;凸出
    • 過去式:popped 過去分詞:popped 現在分詞:popping

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. with a pop 砰的一聲 to go pop 發出砰的一聲
    • 2. 汽水
    • 3. 擊打; 抨擊 to take or have a pop at sb./sth. 攻擊某人/某事物 the book has a pop at astrology and astrologists 這本書抨擊了占星術和占星家


    • 1. 使…爆裂; 啪的一聲拉開; 啪的一聲合上 to pop one's clogs 蹬腿兒
    • 2. 加熱爆開 to pop corn 做爆米花
    • 3. 突然探出; 放下 to pop sth. in(to) sth. 突然把某物丟進某處 he popped the meat into the oven 他迅速把肉扔進爐子裡
    • 4. 典當


    • 1. 爆裂; 啪的一聲打開 my ears were popping 我耳朵裡嗡嗡作響
    • 2. 凸出 to make sb.'s eyes pop 使某人驚訝得眼睛都要鼓出來了
    • 3. 急忙趕路 I was just popping into town 我正趕著去城裡 she popped round or over to see us 她趕來看我們
    • 4. 突然出現 a head popped round the door/over the wall 一個腦袋從門後/牆頭冷不防探了出來


    1. make or cause to make a light explosive sound

    2. go somewhere for a short time, often without notice

    3. put or move (something) somewhere quickly

    4. a light explosive sound

    5. a sweet fizzy drink such as lemonade