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    • 醫學專業英文!可以幫幫忙嗎?

      Prognosis of the Disorder 疾病的預後 At the time of admission to the hospital following the stroke, ...evident. 中風後六個月,pushing的行為就可減輕而不明顯。 19 Pusher syndrome thus has a good prognosis19 and does not seem to negatively influence the outcome of rehabilitation. 19個推者症候群病人都有良好預後且不會影響到...

    • 救命阿..能幫翻譯一下嗎?英文高手們

      ... to asses muscle composition and assist with formulation of a realistic functional prognosis 早期療育的指示 凱文在出院的時候,被要求參考早期療育,並且被安排在...

    • 拜託,英文文法一直是我的弱項!!請幫我解釋一下

      ...所有格,所以錯。 (2)4.___the analysts are rather passive about the market prognosis in the next two quarters. 多數分析師對下兩季的股市預測態度偏向消極...