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    • 英文 聽力 翻譯影片內容

      ... in the solar system gravitate toward each other, we people also actively push and pull away from each other, forging fates along the way. Amongst them, for the ones who wish for true love more than anything else, a legendary arrow was forged...

    • 這對話idiom and slang如何翻譯?

      ...知道、我不清楚 flake 不可靠的人,不可信賴的人 pull a fast one 欺騙 pan out 成功,奏效 the last straw (那根壓斷了...小事) blow off 指放在一旁不再理會或拒絕的意思 tag along 尾隨,跟著 Cold day in hell:決無可能的...

    • 請幫忙翻譯英文聯絡簿

      ...知道他很需要有人幫他認識字母, 我希望在閒暇之餘可以幫他. Winnie pulled her brother's hair one time in the car. Though she did appologize to him, Amy...