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  1. rattle

    • IPA[ˈrætl]



    • vi.
      乒乓響; 噹啷響; 砰砰響;咔嚓咔嚓地行駛
    • vt.
      使…乒乓響; 使…噹啷響; 使…砰砰響;使緊張; 使害怕; 使擔憂
    • n.
      乒乓聲; 噹啷聲; 砰砰聲;撥浪鼓
    • 過去式:rattled 過去分詞:rattled 現在分詞:rattling

    • 名詞複數:rattles

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 乒乓響; 噹啷響; 砰砰響 I could hear things rattling inside the box 我聽到箱子裡的東西嘩啦嘩啦響 to shake sb. till or until their teeth rattle 使勁搖晃某人
    • 2. 咔嚓咔嚓地行駛 to rattle by or past 轟隆隆地駛過 to rattle over sth. 在…上咔嚓咔嚓地行進


    • 1. 使…乒乓響; 使…噹啷響; 使…砰砰響 to rattle sb.’s cage 惹火某人
    • 2. 使緊張; 使害怕; 使擔憂 to get rattled 被激怒


    • 1. 乒乓聲; 噹啷聲; 砰砰聲
    • 2. 撥浪鼓
    • 3. 響板
    • 4. 角質環


    1. make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds

    2. (of a vehicle or its occupants) move or travel with a knocking sound

    3. make (someone) nervous, worried, or irritated

    4. a rapid succession of short, sharp, sounds

    5. a gurgling sound in the throat of a dying person