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  1. reject

    • IPA[rɪˈdʒekt]



    • vt.
      駁回; 拒收; 拒絕;嫌棄
    • n.
    • 過去式:rejected 過去分詞:rejected 現在分詞:rejecting

    • 名詞複數:rejects

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 駁回; 拒收; 拒絕
    • 2. 嫌棄 rejected by his friends, he fell into despair 由於遭到朋友們的嫌棄,他陷入了絕望
    • 3. 排斥
    • 4. 不接受


    • 1. 被拒者 he sees himself as a social reject 他把自己看成是社會的棄兒
    • 2. 次品 reject goods/china 次品/有瑕疵的瓷器


    1. refuse to agree to (a request)

    2. fail to show due affection or concern for (someone); rebuff

    3. a person or thing dismissed as inadequate or unacceptable

    4. an item sold cheaply because of minor flaws


    「1. refuse to agree to (a request)」的反義字

    「2. fail to show due affection or concern for (someone); rebuff」的反義字

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