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  1. reserve

    • IPA[rəˈzərv]


    • v.
      refrain from using or disposing of (something); retain for future use;arrange for (a room, seat, ticket, etc.) to be kept for the use of a particular person and not given to anyone else
    • n.
      a supply of a commodity not needed for immediate use but available if required;funds kept available by a bank, company, or government
    • noun: reserve, plural noun: reserves

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    • reserve的運用???

      用的是"C" RESERVED. 句子中欠的是「形容詞」. 雖然 reserve / reserved也可作為動詞, 但上...22:23:04 補充: 不是 (A) reserve (B) reserving (D) to reserve 的原因 : (A) reserve : 如上一句, 出現2個verb, 那就不正確了 (B...

    • 英文高手請進,reserve,preserve,和其他文法!

      Reserve一詞在英、美語系字典有極少的差異 - Merriam-Webster: a collection of things ...當然時至今日,很多時候用詞彙較著重它的普及度或讀者的理解力,而不再拘泥一些小差異上。 Q: Reserve some of the pan-cakes for tomorrow. 用Reserve是錯的,應用save 可是我覺得有點不能茍同,因為...

    • 請問reserve desk是什麼?

      Reserve Desk: The part of the Circulation Desk where reserve items are kept. 儲物櫃檯:屬於流通櫃檯的一部分,用來存放預約物件.