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  1. review

    • IPA[rɪˈvjuː]



    • n.
      檢查; 審查; 審核; 在審查中/接受審查;評估; 評價; 評述
    • vt.
      檢查; 審核; 審查;回顧
    • vi.
    • 過去式:reviewed 過去分詞:reviewed 現在分詞:reviewing

    • 名詞複數:reviews

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 檢查; 審查; 審核; 在審查中/接受審查 a policy review 政策審查 a pay or salary review 工資評審
    • 2. 評估; 評價; 評述 an annual/monthly etc. review (of sth.) (某事物的)年度/月度等述評 the director-general's end-of-year review 署長的年終報告
    • 3. 複審 to come up for review 準備複審
    • 4. 評論 a book/play/film/exhibition/music review 書評/劇評/影評/展評/樂評 a restaurant review 餐館點評
    • 5. 評論雜誌 the Saturday Review 《星期六評論》
    • 6. 閱兵式; 檢閱儀式 to hold a review 舉行閱兵式
    • 7. 複習課 a review of sth. 某科目的複習課


    • 1. 檢查; 審核; 審查
    • 2. 回顧
    • 3. 複審
    • 4. 評論; 品評 to review sth. for sth. 為某機構評論某作品 she reviews films for The Guardian 她為《衛報》寫影評
    • 5. 檢閱
    • 6. 複習


    • 1. 寫評論 to review for/in sth. 為…寫/在…上發表評論
    • 2. 複習功課 to review for sth. 為準備…而複習功課


    1. a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary

    2. a reconsideration of a judgement, sentence, etc. by a higher court or authority

    3. a report on or evaluation of a subject or past events

    4. a critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc. published in a newspaper or magazine

    5. a periodical publication with critical articles on culture and current events

    6. a ceremonial display and formal inspection of military or naval forces, typically by a sovereign or commander-in-chief

    7. survey or evaluate (a subject or past events)

    8. write a critical appraisal of (a book, play, film, etc.) for publication in a newspaper or magazine

    9. (of a sovereign, commander-in-chief, etc.) make a ceremonial and formal inspection of (military or naval forces)

    10. view or inspect again


    「1. view or inspect again」的反義字

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