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  1. shade

    • IPA[ʃeɪd]



    • n.
      陰影;色度; 差別
    • npl.
    • vt.
      為…遮陰; 遮擋;給…加陰影
    • vi.
    • 過去式:shaded 過去分詞:shaded 現在分詞:shading

    • 名詞複數:shades

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 陰影 light and shade 光與影 to put sb./sth. in the shade 使某人/某事物相形見絀
    • 2. 色度; 差別 there are several shades of meaning in this line 這句話有好幾層意思 all shades of opinion 各種意見
    • 3. 些許 this one is a shade better 這個略好一點 turn the music down a shade 把音樂聲量調小一點
    • 4. 燈罩
    • 5. 窗簾 to pull down/raise the shade 拉下/拉起窗簾
    • 6. 遮陽帽舌
    • 7. 鬼魂


    • 1. 太陽鏡
    • 2. 痕跡 there are shades of the fifties in that outfit you're wearing 你的裝束有50年代的餘韻


    • 1. 為…遮陰; 遮擋 I shaded my eyes against the sun 我罩住眼睛以遮擋陽光 a blind shaded the window 百葉窗遮擋了窗外的光線
    • 2. 給…加陰影
    • 3. 揉合 I'll shade the orange into the brown 我要把橙色調成褐色


    • 1. 漸變 to shade to or into ... 漸變為… right shades into wrong 正確與錯誤之間沒有明顯的界限


    1. comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight

    2. a shadow or area of darkness

    3. a colour, especially with regard to how light or dark it is or as distinguished from one nearly like it

    4. a slightly differing variety of something

    5. a slight amount of something

    6. a screen or blind on a window

    7. sunglasses

    8. a ghost

    9. screen from direct light

    10. darken or colour (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of colour

    11. (of a colour or something coloured) gradually change into another colour


    「1. comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight」的反義字

    「2. a shadow or area of darkness」的反義字