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  1. shivers

    • shiver的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • vi.
      發抖,打顫[(+with)] As the temperature dropped abruptly, the campers were shivering all over with cold. 由於氣溫驟降,野營者冷得渾身發抖。
    • n.
      顫抖[C] The breeze gave a shiver to the surface of the lake. 微風吹得湖面顫動。
    • vt.
      打碎,粉碎 He shivered the mirror with a hammer. 他用錘子將鏡子砸得粉碎。
    • vi.
      被打碎,碎裂 A statue fell, and shivered on the stones. 一尊塑像倒下,砸在石頭上打碎了。
    • n.
      碎片[P1] A boat was smashed to shivers on the rocks. 一條船撞在礁石上被砸得粉碎。
    • n.
    • adj.
    • shiver的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • n.
      碎片 I cut myself on a small shiver of glass 我被一片碎玻璃劃傷了
    • vi.
    • vt.
      打碎 shiver my timbers! 真是活見鬼!
    • vi.
      顫抖 to shiver with cold/fever 冷得發抖/因發燒打寒戰 to shiver with fear/excitement/disgust 嚇得/激動得/厭惡得發抖
    • n.
      顫抖 to send a shiver down sb.'s spine 使某人不寒而慄 to give a shiver 哆嗦一下
    • npl.
      寒戰; 嚇得某人發抖 an attack of the shivers 一陣寒戰 to give sb. the shivers 使某人打寒戰
    • 顫抖的


    • 顫抖,哆嗦,被打碎使迎風飄動,粉碎戰栗,碎塊


    • ph.
      使戰慄 Snakes give me the shivers. 蛇令我毛骨悚然。
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    • shiver 啥意思

      shiver 顫抖發抖的意思 當我一靠近你,一切都失去控制! 使我顫抖,崩潰