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  1. show up

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 顯現 the dust on the shelves shows up in the sunlight 擱板上的灰塵在陽光照射下看得一清二楚
    • 2. 如約趕到 I wonder when he's going to show up 我不知道他甚麼時候能來


    • 1. 使顯露 close examination shows up all the faults in the woodwork 仔細觀察就可以看出這件木製品的諸多缺陷
    • 2. 使難堪 he got drunk at the party and showed me up 他在聚會上喝醉了,真讓我難堪 to show sb. up in front of sb. 讓某人在某人面前難堪
  2. 知識+

    • showing up from nowhere的意思

      突然出現,不知從哪裡冒出來 第一常用是過去式: showed up from nowhere 再來是: showing up from nowhere 怎麼用還是得看前後文

    • 請問一個although的用法

      Although six people had expected for dinner, ten showed up. 應該是 "Although (only) six people had BEEN ...

    • 名詞子句後移

      That he didn't show up on time is strange. 上句之中的that he didn't show up on time是名詞子句...strange that he didn't show up on time. 上句之中的名詞子句 that he didn't show up on time是延遲的主詞(delayed subject); It 是虛主詞. 英語中對較...