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  1. smash

    • IPA[smæʃ]



    • vt.
      擊碎; 打斷;駕駛…碰撞; 把…打碎
    • vi.
      嘩啦一聲碎掉;猛撞; 猛地砸中; 衝破
    • n.
      嘩啦聲; 轟響;撞車
    • 過去式:smashed 過去分詞:smashed 現在分詞:smashing

    • 名詞複數:smashes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 擊碎; 打斷 to smash sth. to bits or into pieces 把某物擊碎 to smash sth. open 砸開
    • 2. 駕駛…碰撞; 把…打碎 to smash sth. into or against sth. 使某物撞上某物 he smashed his fist into my face 他一拳捶在我臉上
    • 3. 砸出 to smash one's way (into ...) 闖進(…)
    • 4. 摧毀; 鎮壓; 打垮
    • 5. 打破
    • 6.


    • 1. 嘩啦一聲碎掉
    • 2. 猛撞; 猛地砸中; 衝破 to smash into sth. 猛地撞上 to smash through sth. 猛地撞破


    • 1. 嘩啦聲; 轟響 to collide/break with a smash 轟的一聲相撞/嘩啦一聲打碎 there was a smash of breaking plates 盤子打碎的嘩啦聲傳了過來
    • 2. 撞車 a rail smash 火車相撞事故
    • 3. 猛擊 a forearm smash 揮舞前臂的重擊
    • 4. 扣球


    1. violently break (something) into pieces

    2. be violently broken into pieces; shatter

    3. violently knock down or crush inwards

    4. crash and severely damage (a vehicle)

    5. hit or attack (someone) very violently

    6. completely defeat, destroy, or foil (something regarded as hostile or dangerous)

    7. an act or sound of something smashing

    8. a violent collision or impact between vehicles

    9. a very successful song, film, show, or performer