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    • (使)凝固,(使)團結,鞏固
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    • 幫我翻譯一下吧....有關危險藥物的英文(20點)

      ...再予以溶解) at room temperature (在室溫之下). 2006-02-15 20:10:12 補充: 接著:Solidified product (這裡提到產品了,但是是說固態的產品) can be re-liquified (可以被再液態...

    • 急~有一小段英文請幫我翻譯 英文履歷

      ...station to operate the report in office the degree of adaptability good rich sense of responsibility, solidifies is been in charge of the company the trust regarding radio station...

    • 誰可以幫我翻譯 我很急ˊˋ

      你有兩個字錯打 在第二行straightedeg應改為straightedge意思是直尺,標尺 在第四行solidifyin應改為solidifying意思是使結晶or變堅固 The sand is then...