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  1. speak out

    • ph.
      不顧忌地道出; 大聲說
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    • ph.
    • 1. 不顧忌地道出; 大聲說

      He spoke out against things he thought were unjust. 他毫無顧忌地說出他反對他認為非正義的事。

      Speak out, we can't hear you. 大聲說, 我們聽不到你在說什麼。


    不顧忌地道出; 大聲說

    • ph. 公開反對,大聲疾呼地反對

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    • vi.
      表明意見; 公開宣布
    • he's not afraid to speak out 他不怕暢所欲言

      to speak out about or on sth. 表明對某事物的看法

    • ph.

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