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  1. stand against

    • ph.
      反對; 經受住
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    • 1. 反對; 經受住 The mayor stood against the project to build a new station. 市長反對建立一個新站的計劃。 That fence will not stand against the wind. 這個籬笆不會經受住大風的吹刮。


    反對; 經受住


    「反對; 經受住」的反義字

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    • 有關stand 的片語?!

      ...about at the gate. 有幾個年輕人閒站在大門口。 4.stand against反對;對抗 We stood firmly against expansionism...racket 承擔費用 33.stand the test 經得起考驗(或檢驗) 34.stand to 遵守 35.stand to reason 理所當然 36.stand up 1. 起立...

    • stand 和 withstand 的差別??

      ... e.g. Environmental groups are making a stand against the new road through the valley. stand out agaist sth/ sb: to openly oppose something or someone...

    • 請幫我用stand out against造句好嘛??!><

      1. Some politicians stand out against the new legislation enacted by the president.