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    • Afflict & Distress之差異。

      ...身體上極大的痛苦 3. Lake of money / food -- a situation in which you suffer or have great problems because you have no money, food etc. 例句: a. in distress -- Charities that aid families in distress. 慈善金急助了家庭...

    • 英文高手快進來 採用後有20點喔!

      ...strive for meit, or vent anger. When his sibilings are suffering distress, he can deal with all those difficulties calmly. He can solve those...

    • 英文的押韻情詩

      ...quot; "Grief" is a noun, which means "keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss" "Grieve" is a verb, which ...