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  1. tack



    • n.
    • 同反義


    1. a small, sharp broad-headed nail

    2. a method of dealing with a situation or problem; a course of action or policy

    3. a boat's course relative to the direction of the wind

    4. fasten or fix in place with tacks

    5. fasten (pieces of cloth) together temporarily with long stitches

    6. add or append something to something already existing

    7. make a series of changes of course while sailing

  2. 知識+

    • 何謂tack back???

      那個是一個typo. 應該是take, 不是tack. My friends, it is time to "take" back the country we...

    • sailing on the tack until wind

      sailing on the tack until wind changes 出航準則待平風靜浪. 意謂著; 站穩腳跟 , 穩紮穩打...

    • tack on to” and ”tag on”之用法

      tack onto 常用在立法程序中法案的附加。 tag on 通常用在標籤的附加,將圖例或說明繫到(用線或細繩)欲說明的物體上,如服裝店販賣的衣服上附加說明價格、材質、洗濯方法的標籤。