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    • 英文句子,請幫我找找有沒有錯誤

      ...wife's draem. Then(therefore比較好) , he decided to venture. (venture改成take a risk似乎比較好) But in the process of risk(我會建議改成during this challenge...

    • 請協助翻譯短文一篇,請翻譯高手幫幫忙

      ...contrast distributors don’t mind venturing into the unknown. 相對的,經銷商並不介意在未知...know the value of risk and appreciate the thrill of taking a chance. 他們知道風險的價值和在得到機會中...

    • get one's feet wet 是什麼意思

      Embark on a new venture, start into new territory. For example, I've only had a few cello lessons--I've...begin gaining experience; To take a risk and try something new. Let...