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  1. take pity on

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      同情, 憐憫
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    • 1. 同情, 憐憫 He took pity on her and lent her the $50 she needed. 他很同情她, 借給了她所需要的五十美元。


    同情, 憐憫

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    • 單字(哀れみます)如何造句

      ...む】 有同情 可憐 憐憫之意 〔かわいそうに思う〕pity, have [take] pity ((on)),feel pity ((for)); 〔同情する〕feel sympathy ((for)),sympathize ((with...compassion (for [toward]) (~を)哀れむ feel pity (for) ~を哀れむ take [have, show] pity on

    • 狄克森片語 急需 拜託>< turn out to be 結果成為 become of 發生 give up 投降,放棄 take pity on 憐憫 cross out 刪除 take something into account 考慮 male clear 解釋...

    • 什麼是複合形容詞?

      ... a book is a time-consuming job.PracticeQ:I take pity on the boy whose heart is broken.A.:I take pity on...