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  1. than

    • KK[ðæn]
    • DJ[ðæn]


    • conj.
      比,比較;(用於rather, sooner之後)與其……(寧願……)
    • prep.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 比,比較 She looks younger than she is. 她看起來比她實際歲數顯得要年輕。 He runs a lot faster than I. 他跑得比我快多了。
    • 2. (用於rather, sooner之後)與其……(寧願……) I would rather do some reading at home than go shopping with them. 與其和他們去購物,我倒寧願留在家裡讀點書。
    • 3. (用於else, other等之後)除了……(之外) She has never been to a big city other than Chicago. 除芝加哥外她沒有去過別的大城市。
    • 4. (用於no sooner, scarcely, hardly之後)當,就 No sooner had we left the village than it began to rain. 我們剛離開村子,天就下起雨來了。


    • 1. 【書】比 She is a teacher than whom no one is more patient. 她是個比誰都耐心的老師。
    • 2. (後接計量數目)超過 My aunt stayed here for more than a week. 我姑媽在這兒待了一個多星期。
    • ph.
      而不是... These shoes are comfortable rather than pretty. 這鞋子很舒服而不是漂亮。 Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price. 他沒讓這些蔬菜壞掉, 而是半價把他們買掉。
    • ph.
      除了 There's nobody here other than me. 這兒除了我沒有別人。
    • ph.
      少於; 不超過 After less than one hour of exercise, she was not only hungry but (also) thirsty. 運動不到一小時之後, 她不但餓而且渴。 The stationery cost me less than five hundred dollars. 這些文具花了我不到五百元。
    • ph.
      超過; 比...更多 People say that a man called Aesop lived more than two thousand years ago. 據說一位叫伊索的人生活在兩千多年前。
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    • IPA[ðæn]



    • prep.
      I'm thinner than him 我比他瘦 we got there later than usual 我們比平時晚到那裡
    • conj.
      she's much older than I am 她比我大得多 it was further away than I remembered 它比我記憶中的更遠
    • 比,除…外比