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  1. think

    • KK[θɪŋk]
    • DJ[θiŋk]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式: thought  過去分詞: thought  現在分詞: thinking

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
    • 1. 想;思索[+wh-]

      Think how much you can earn if you open a restaurant in such a good location. 想一想,要是你在這樣的黃金地段開一家餐館,你會賺多少錢啊。

    • 2. 認為,以為[O8][O9][+(that)][O2]

      We thought it our duty to take care of the orphans. 我們認為照顧這些孤兒是我們的職責。

      They thought the novel worth reading. 他們認為這本小說值得一讀。

    • 3. (常與cannot, could not連用)想像;理解[+wh-]

      I can't think what you mean. 我不懂你是什麼意思。

      I can't think why they left without saying good-bye. 我不明白他們為什麼不告而別。

    • 4. 記憶,想起[+wh-]

      I can't think what his phone number is. 我記不起他的電話號碼是多少。

    • 5. 想要,打算[+to-v][+(that)]

      At first he thought to tell her, then he changed his mind. 他原來打算告訴她的,後來改變主意了。

    • 6. 預料,料想[+(that)][+to-v]

      I didn't think to land myself in trouble. 我沒想到會使自己陷入困境。

    • vi.
    • 1. 想;思索[(+about)]

      Think before you leap. 先思而後行。

    • 2. 認為

      Do as you think best. 你認為怎樣最好就怎樣去做。


    vt. 想;認為;想像

    vi. & vt. 想;認為

    vi. & vt. 考慮;思索

    • n. 思維;思考,考慮[U]

    • After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms. 經認真考慮,他決定接受他們的條件。

    • adj.
    • Any thinking person would not have accepted such a condition. 任何一個有思想的人都不會接受這個條件。
    • n.[U]
    • I have to do some thinking before making a decision. 我得先思考一下,然後才好作決定。
    • think的動詞過去式、過去分詞

    • ph. 思考直到得出結論

    • You must always think a problem through before acting. 在採取行動之前, 你必須把問題仔仔細細地考慮一下。

    • ph. 想出; 設計出

    • She thought up a fun game for the children to play. 她想出了一個有趣的遊戲給孩子們玩。

      We have thought up ways to overcome the difficulty. 我們想出了克服困難的辦法。

    • ph. 考慮, 仔細考慮

    • He said he would think the matter over. 他說他將把這件事情仔細考慮一下。

    • ph. 考慮

    • There is one thing you have to think on if you wish to succeed. 如果你希望取得成功, 有一件事你必須很好考慮。

      You will be the loser by your foolish action, now think on that. 你這種愚蠢的行為會使你吃虧的, 你得考慮一下。

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    • IPA[θɪŋk]



    • vi.
    • humans are the only animals that think 人是唯一有思想的動物
    • vt.
    • I think (that) ... 我認為…

      I think (that) this is their house 我想這是他們的房子

    • n.
    • to have a think (about sth.) 想一想(某事)

      to have a fresh or another think 重新考慮

    • 想,思索
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