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  1. think

    • KK[θɪŋk]
    • DJ[θiŋk]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:thought 過去分詞:thought 現在分詞:thinking

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
    • 1. 想;思索[+wh-]

      Think how much you can earn if you open a restaurant in such a good location. 想一想,要是你在這樣的黃金地段開一家餐館,你會賺多少錢啊。

    • 2. 認為,以為[O8][O9][+(that)][O2]

      We thought it our duty to take care of the orphans. 我們認為照顧這些孤兒是我們的職責。

      They thought the novel worth reading. 他們認為這本小說值得一讀。

    • 3. (常與cannot, could not連用)想像;理解[+wh-]

      I can't think what you mean. 我不懂你是什麼意思。

      I can't think why they left without saying good-bye. 我不明白他們為什麼不告而別。

    • 4. 記憶,想起[+wh-]

      I can't think what his phone number is. 我記不起他的電話號碼是多少。

    • 5. 想要,打算[+to-v][+(that)]

      At first he thought to tell her, then he changed his mind. 他原來打算告訴她的,後來改變主意了。

    • 6. 預料,料想[+(that)][+to-v]

      I didn't think to land myself in trouble. 我沒想到會使自己陷入困境。

    • vi.
    • 1. 想;思索[(+about)]

      Think before you leap. 先思而後行。

    • 2. 認為

      Do as you think best. 你認為怎樣最好就怎樣去做。


    vt. 想;認為;想像

    vi. & vt. 想;認為

    vi. & vt. 考慮;思索

    • n. 思維;思考,考慮[U]

    • After serious thought, he decided to accept their terms. 經認真考慮,他決定接受他們的條件。

    • adj.
    • Any thinking person would not have accepted such a condition. 任何一個有思想的人都不會接受這個條件。
    • n.[U]
    • I have to do some thinking before making a decision. 我得先思考一下,然後才好作決定。
    • think的動詞過去式、過去分詞

    • think
    • n.
      思考; 考慮
    • to put (a lot of) thought into sth. (深入)思考某事

      lost or deep in thought 陷入沉思的

    • adj.
      理性的; 有才智的; 能思考的
    • all thinking people 所有有理智的人

      the thinking person's choice 聰明人的選擇

    • n.
      思維; 思想; 思考
    • to do some thinking (about sth.) (對某事)作一些思考

      this is going to need some thinking 這需要考慮一下

    • 想,思想,思考,相信,認為,揣測,打算

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    • 想法,思想,思維,思潮,關心,掛念think的過去式和過去分詞

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    • IPA[θɪŋk]



    • vi.
    • humans are the only animals that think 人是唯一有思想的動物
    • vt.
    • I think (that) ... 我認為…

      I think (that) this is their house 我想這是他們的房子

    • n.
    • to have a think (about sth.) 想一想(某事)

      to have a fresh or another think 重新考慮

    • 想,思索

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  2. 知識+

    • think&think of的用法及例句

      Think: 1 To reason about or reflect on; ponder: 分析...地複雜! 2 To judge or regard: 判斷 I think it to be fair. 我覺得它是公平的 3 To believe...那一條才是我們該走的路 2 a. To bring a thought to mind by imagination or invention: 想過 No...

    • thinkthinking 用法

      think是動詞,也有分詞啊, 現在分詞thinking:Thinking about her future, she could not number. 4.明白:I can't think what this book is all about. 5.預測:...

    • 請教英文達人thinkingthought 的差異 ?

      ThinkingThought 這兩個字當名詞時的區別...當名詞時,一定為不可數名詞 (an uncountable noun)thinking (名詞 noun)[U]思想、想法、見解例句...例句如下: After deliberated thought, the committee decided to accept this plan...