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  1. think of

    • ph.
      想像; 思考; 想到; 打算
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    • ph.
    • 1. 想像; 思考; 想到; 打算

      Don't you think too meanly of yourself. 不要把自己看得太渺小了。

      Just think of the things we could learn there. 只要想一想, 我們在那兒能學到多少東西吧!


    想像; 思考; 想到; 打算

    • ph. 考慮到某事物

    • There are so many things to think of before we decide. 我們要考慮到許多方面然後才能做決定。

    • ph. 把...視為平常; 看輕

    • He thought nothing of walking 40 miles. 走四十英里他並不當一回事。

      He did hear the dog barking, but he thought nothing of it. 他確實聽到了狗叫, 但他當時沒有把它當一回事。

    • ph. 看輕

    • He did hear the dog barking, but he thought little of it. 他確實聽到了狗叫, 但他當時沒有把它當一回事。

    • ph. 重視, 對...評價很高

    • ph. 對...有惡意; 不親切

    • They think ill of him. 他們認為他壞。

    • ph. 自私

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      Think ofthink about 他們的用法跟意思(不同的) 能幫我多舉例嗎? 如果我想表達我...我該如何表達 ღ…。…。ღ…。…。ღ ღ…。…。ღ…。…。iღ ღ 註解: Think of :表示打算、想起、考慮、關心等意思 例1: Joey was always thinking...

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      think of + 人事物單詞 think about + 人或具體事物 有很多場合二者通用. 你覺得台北這個城市如何? How do you think of the City of Taipei? 你覺得台灣的食物如何? How do you...

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      ... you think so? 你心裡真的這麼想嗎? Think of1. Come to think of it.((口語)) 仔細想一想 Come to think of it, that road back there was...