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  1. tossed

    • toss的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      拋,扔,投[(+to)][O1] The little girl tossed her ball in the air. 小女孩把球拋向空中。
    • vi.
      被亂扔;顛簸 The ship tossed about on the stormy sea. 船在波濤洶湧的海面上顛簸著。
    • n.[C]
      拋,扔,投 After a few warm-up tosses, he put the shot 63 feet 6 inches. 幾次試擲之後,他把鉛球投出六十三英尺六英寸遠。
    • toss的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • toss的名詞複數
    • vt.
      to toss sth. to sb., to toss sb. sth. 把某物扔給某人 to toss one's bag on to the sofa 把包扔到沙發上
    • vi.
      輾轉反側; 搖擺; 顛簸 to toss from side to side/back and forth 搖來搖去/前搖後晃 to toss and turn 輾轉反側
    • n.
      to give sth. a toss 扔某物
    • 投擲,拋,搖擺,震蕩,擲錢幣決定投擲,猛?,搖蕩,使不安


    • 受暴風雨戲弄的,連遭打擊的


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      ...someone.... if you throw something to somewhere with a very short distance or above you ... use toss...remember the scenerio like "toss a coin" ( you do not say throw a coin when you...

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      <1>toss up (p.t為 tossed up) n. 1 擲硬幣決定某事 2 輸贏各半的機會...039;s quite a ~ whether she'll come or not.她來不來很難說 3 碰運氣的事 toss本身的意思是 v.t a. 擲錢幣 (作決定) ,又因擲一枚錢幣時必出現一正面...

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