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    • 3句有關翻生物英文的翻譯

      1. Transcription of Protein-Encoding Gene in ...聚合酶 binding:連結 3. enhancers control transcription at a distance 促進子於遠端控制轉錄作用 enhancers...

    • 翻生物英文的一段文章,不要翻譯軟體的喔!!

      ... polymerase displace histone octamers during transcription in a model system,but octamers ressociate with ... generated by the binding of transcription factor that displace histone octamers. 它們因為取代...

    • 幫我翻譯...以下的文字...感激不進~~

      Gene expression can be regulated at any stage, but the key step is transcription 基因的表現可以在任何階段被調節, 但主要的調節步驟是在"轉錄"步驟 ( transcription ).