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  1. trim

    • IPA[trɪm]



    • vt.
      修剪; 修;削減; 縮短
    • vi.
    • n.
      修剪;飾邊; 貼臉; 鑲邊
    • adj.
      整潔的; 整齊的; 勻整的;苗條的; 纖細的
    • 過去式:trimmed 過去分詞:trimmed 現在分詞:trimming

    • 名詞複數:trims

    • 比較級:trimmer 最高級:trimmest

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 修剪; 修 to trim (the wick of) a lamp 剪燈花 to trim a plank of wood to size 把一塊木料加工成要求的尺寸
    • 2. 削減; 縮短 to trim sth. to the bone 把某物減少到最低限度
    • 3. 除去 to trim sth. off or from sth. 從某物中去除某物 to trim 5% off the budget 削減5%的預算
    • 4. 裝飾; 修整 a coat trimmed with fur 毛皮鑲邊大衣 to trim a shop window 裝點櫥窗
    • 5. 調整…以適應風向
    • 6. 使…配平
    • 7. 調整…以適應形勢 to trim one's words to fit party policy 使言論與本黨的方針政策保持一致


    • 1. 見風使舵


    • 1. 修剪 to give sb./sth. a trim 為某人剪髮/把某物修剪一下 to need a trim 需要修剪
    • 2. 飾邊; 貼臉; 鑲邊 a red blazer with gold trim 鑲金邊的紅色夾克 metal/wood trim 金屬邊飾/木包角
    • 3. 裝飾 interior/exterior trim 內部/外部裝飾 a car with grey trim 灰色座椅的汽車
    • 4. 適航狀態 to be in trim 裝備停當 to be out of trim 未裝備停當
    • 5. 配平


    • 1. 整潔的; 整齊的; 勻整的 to be neat and trim 乾乾淨淨
    • 2. 苗條的; 纖細的


    1. make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts

    2. cut off (irregular or unwanted parts)

    3. reduce the size, amount, number, or cost of

    4. decorate (something), typically with contrasting items or pieces of material

    5. additional decoration, typically along the edges of something and in contrasting colour or material

    6. an act of cutting something in order to neaten it