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  1. turn off

    • ph.
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    • ph.
    • 1. 離開一條路而走上另一條路

      Is this where we turn off/where the road turns off for Hull? 這兒就是我們要轉往赫爾市方向的路嗎?

      He turned off when he ought to have gone straight on. 他本應一直朝前走, 卻拐了彎。

    • 2. 關掉

      Turn off the light before you leave. 離開前請把燈關掉。

    • 3. 改變方向; 關閉; 掃興

      He turned off the question with a shrug of the shoulders. 他聳聳肩迴避了這個問題。

    • 4. 解僱

      The boss thought him a trouble-maker and turned him off. 老板認為他是個鬧事者, 而把他解僱了。

      The hands were turned off by the new owner of the factory. 工人們被工廠的新主人解僱了。





    • n. 支路

    • the Slough turn-off 通往斯勞的岔道

    • ph. 截斷(電流、煤氣、水等); 關掉; 關上

    • They've turned off the water while they mend a burst pipe. 他們修理爆裂的水管時, 關上了水門。

    • ph. 【口】使某人厭煩或厭惡; 使某人在性的方面不喜愛對方

    • All that talk about abattoirs turned me right off! 關於屠宰場的那些話讓我十分惡心!

      Bad breath is guaranteed to turn a woman off! 有口臭管保讓女子興趣頓失!

    • ph. 使失去興趣,使厭煩

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    • ph. 關閉路徑

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    • ph.
    • Turn off the light before you leave. 離開前請把燈關掉。


    • ph.
    • Turn off the light before you leave. 離開前請把燈關掉。
    • vt.
      關掉; 停止
    • turn the water off, the bath's full 不要放水了,浴缸滿了

      to turn sth. off like a tap 立刻停下某事

    • vi.
    • where do we turn off for Derby? 我們在甚麼地方換道去德比?
    • ph.

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  2. 知識+

    • I'm so ”turned off” 怎麼翻 ??

      I'm so ”turned off 較生活、較白話的翻譯是 "我覺得很倒味口"...用於人與人之間,turn on 是產生興趣、覺得興奮的意思。 turn off 則是相反,是沒興趣、沒味口、反感的意思。 2008-07-14...

    • turn off』和『close』如何分?

      turn off -- 用在像是有電源開關的感覺 ex: turn off the lights關掉電燈 turn off the oven關掉爐子 close -- 用在有開合開合的感覺 ex: close the book書本闔起來 close the doos關門,把門帶上 close the windows關窗

    • turn someone off的句子

      ... this boring teacher give the lectures to students will turn someone off if not all. 派這個無聊的老師上課一定會讓某人感到很無趣(就算不是每個人...