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  1. turn out

    • ph.
      在場; 露面; 集合; 出席;(與副詞或形容詞連用, 或用於以how引導的疑問句中)以某方式發生; 證明為
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    • ph.
    • 1. 在場; 露面; 集合; 出席

      A vast crowd turned out to watch the match. 大群的觀眾到場觀看比賽。

      The whole village turned out to welcome the pope. 全村的人都出來歡迎教皇。

    • 2. (與副詞或形容詞連用, 或用於以how引導的疑問句中)以某方式發生; 證明為

      If the day turns out wet we may have to change our plans. 萬一下雨的話, 我們也許得改變計劃。

      I hope all turns out well for you. 我希望你一切順利。

    • 3. 關掉; 結果成為; 出產

      They turn out more than a thousand cars a month. 他們一個月生產一千多輛汽車。

      The school has turned out some first-rate scholars. 這所學校培養出一些第一流的學者。


    在場; 露面; 集合; 出席


    「在場; 露面; 集合; 出席」的反義字

    • n. 產量

    • ph. 關掉(燈或爐火); 熄滅

    • Remember to turn out the lights before you go to bed. 臨睡前別忘了關燈。

    • ph. 在輪到自己之前或之後

    • ph. 趕走某人

    • My landlord is turning me out at the end of the month. 我的房東讓我月底搬走。

      She got pregnant and was turned out of the house by her parents. 她懷孕了, 父母把她趕出了家門。

    • ph. (以預示主詞起句)結果是……,原來是……的情形

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    • ph.
    • The party turned out to be very successful. 晚會結果開得很成功。


    • ph.
    • The party turned out to be very successful. 晚會結果開得很成功。
    • vi.
    • it's turned out nice again 後來天氣又好了

      to turn out to be sth. 結果是某事物

    • vt.
      關; 熄滅
    • turn out the candle before you come to bed 睡覺前先吹滅蠟燭
    • ph.

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    • turn out的文法

      turn out 兩個字稱為「片語動詞」,因為是整個片語做動詞,有特別的意思。 turn out 意思很多,可當不及物動詞和及物動詞...3. 生產、製造出 The school turned out many well-known basketball ...

    • turn out to be 片語用法

      Turn out to be 是 "結果竟然(原來)是..." 的意思該句 "She turned...她竟然是個身手矯健的運動員,在體操的州大賽中拿下第五名。通常在用該句 turn out to be有原先誤解直到後來水落石出的涵義

    • turn in and turn out

      ... feet were turned in, but her left knee was turned out. 譯: 他的雙腿呈內八字,但她的左膝(關節)是向外撇。turn in: to face or curve...