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  1. uphold

    • IPA[ˌəpˈhōld]


    • v.
      confirm or support (something which has been questioned);maintain (a custom or practice)
    • verb: uphold, 3rd person present: upholds, gerund or present participle: upholding, past tense: upheld, past participle: upheld

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    • IPA[ʌpˈhəʊld]


    • v.
      confirm or support (something which has been questioned): the court upheld his claim for damages

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • 幫忙將閱讀心讀翻成英文!

      ... man is she in love '' smart ''She was upholding world peace and faith, want to avoid two misunderstandings and warsHer...

    • 請問英文 支持 怎樣說??

      ...一篇文章中當看到支持都一律使用 support 來表達,似乎過於呆板,我們還可以用 uphold, advocate, maintain, sustain, or back up... 請參考。

    • 請問”抱元守一”這句英文該怎麼翻?

      "抱元守一" 很難精確翻成英文, 也似乎沒有一個單字能夠表達, 只好依它的意思去說明: to consolidate and uphold one's energy 或者更 "形而上" 一點 to preserve one's origin