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  1. way

    • IPA[weɪ]



    • n.
      方式; 不管怎樣;作風
    • npl.
    • adv.
    • adv
    • 名詞複數:ways

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 方式; 不管怎樣 in the usual way 以通常的做法 in a friendly way 友好地
    • 2. 作風 it was not his way to admit that he had made a mistake 認錯可不是他的作風 to have a way of doing sth. 慣常做某事
    • 3. 路; 避開…的方法; 參與某事的途徑; 理解某事的方法; 無意間來到; 快出生了; 懷著孩子; 以某方式; 通過某物 a pedestrian way 人行道 to ask the way 問路
    • 4. 通路; 不妨礙某人/某事物; 處理完某人/某事物; 對付完某人/處理好某事物; 想對付完某人/想處理好某事物 to bar or block or obstruct the or sb.'s/sth.'s way 擋住某人/某物的道 to be or get in the or sb.'s/sth.'s way 妨礙某人/某事物
    • 5. 方向; 佯作不知; 意外落在某人身上; 對某人有利 come or step this way 到這邊來 look this way 朝這個方向看
    • 6. 106 Headley Way 黑德利路106號
    • 7. 距離; 時段 a long or fair or good way 很長一段距離 some way off 有一段距離
    • 8. 地區 down or around your way 在你那兒 over Bristol way 在布裡斯托爾一帶
    • 9. 方面 in a way 在某些方面 in every way 在各方面
    • 10. 願望 to get or have one's (own) way 一意孤行 have it your (own) way! 隨你的便吧!
    • 11. 長距離 they had to walk quite a ways 他們不得不走了很長一段路
    • 12. 長時間


    • 1. 習俗 the old ways 舊習俗
    • 2. 部分 to split the money four ways 把錢分成四份


    • 1. 很遠 they live way out in the suburbs 他們住在偏遠的郊區 way over there or yonder 在很遠處
    • 2. 大大地 the performance was way below their usual standard 這次表演遠遠低於他們的正常水平 they're way down in the table at the moment 眼下他們爛醉如泥
    • 3. 非常 the guys behind the bar were way cool 吧檯後面的那些小伙子酷斃了


    • 1. 順便說一下 what’s the time, by the way? 順便問一下,幾點鐘了? and she, by the way, is French 而她,順便說一下,是個法國人


    1. a method, style, or manner of doing something; an optional or alternative form of action

    2. one's characteristic or habitual manner of behaviour or expression

    3. a particular aspect of something; a respect

    4. a specified condition or state

    5. a course of travel or route taken in order to reach a place

    6. a specified direction of travel or movement

    7. a means of entry or exit from somewhere, such as a door or gate

    8. a distance travelled or to be travelled; the distance from one place to another

    9. a period between one point in time and another

    10. a particular area or locality