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  1. every
    KK[ˋɛvrɪ] DJ[ˋevri]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 每一,每個;一切的,全部的

      Mr. Miller searched every room in the house. 米勒先生搜查了這棟房子裡的所有房間。The library is open every day. 圖書館每天都開。Not every horse can run fast. 並非每匹馬都能跑得快。
    • 2. 每隔……的

      She visits her parents every few days. 她每隔幾天看望她父母親一次。
    • 3. 一切可能的,充分的

      You have every reason to try it once more. 你有充分的理由再試一次。They showed us every consideration. 他們對我們關心備至。
  3. 同義字

    a. 每一;一切的
  4. 反義字

    「a. 每一;全部的」的反義字:
  1. 知識+

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    Each 和 Every 「每一個」不同的用法 1. 基本文法說明 這兩個字當... given a nice present. <例>:Every child was given a nice present. 上述兩句例句...


    ...person who is paid to work for an organization or for another person. 所以every employee是every+單數可數名詞 =每位員工 這是單數 Every boy loves...

    everytime和every time用法有什麼不同

    Every time” is always two separate words. 2006-08-14 17:36:08 補充...most comfortable in my everyday clothes.” 當變成副詞時就要分開成“every day”“I take a shower everyday.”(錯誤)“I take a shower every day...

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