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  1. flap

    KK[flæp] DJ[flæp]
  2. vt.及物動詞

    • 1. 拍打;拍擊[(+away/off)]

      I flapped the flies away but soon they flew back. 我把蒼蠅趕走,但一會兒又飛回來了。
    • 2. 使(上下,前後地)拍動,飄動;(鳥)振(翅)

      Some doves were flapping their wings over the square. 有幾隻鴿子在廣場上空振翅飛翔。
    • 3. 拉下(帽)的邊

    • 4. 扔,擲

      Taylor flapped the document down angrily. 泰勒氣得把文件一扔。
    • 5. 喚起……注意,鼓動


    • 1. 拍動;飄動;(鳥翼等)撲動

      The flag flapped in the breeze. 旗幟在微風中飄動。
    • 2. 拍翅飛行[Q]

    • 3. (帽邊等)垂下[(+down)]

    • 4. 講蠢話;空談,嘮叨[(+about)]

      What's the point of flapping about it now? 現在空談這件事有什麼用?
    • 5. 【口】激動;慌亂;憂慮

    n.[C] 可數名詞

    • 1. 拍動,拍打;拍打聲

    • 2. 垂下物;(袋)蓋;(帽)邊;(信封的)蓋口

      I licked the flap of the envelope and sealed it. 我舔了舔信封蓋口,把它封好。
    • 3. 【口】激動;慌亂(狀態)[S]

      She was in a bit of flap. 她有點慌亂。
    • 4. 【空】(飛機的)襟翼,阻力板

    • 5. (摺疊式桌子的)摺板

    • 6. (魚的)鰓蓋

  3. 變化形

    • 動變: flapped,flapped,flapping

    • 名複: flaps

    • n 名詞

      [C] a thin flat piece of cloth, paper, skin etc that is fixed by one edge to a surface, which you can lift up easily 〔布﹑紙﹑皮等做的〕片狀垂懸物〈如口袋蓋等〉

      [singular] the noisy movement of something such as cloth in the air 拍打聲

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      be in a flap
    • v 動詞

      [I] if a bird flaps its wings, it moves its wings up and down in order to fly 〔鳥〕振翼﹐撲動翅膀

      [I,T] if a piece of cloth, paper etc flaps it moves around quickly and noisily 〔布﹑紙等〕呼啦呼啦地飄動﹐(使)擺動

    • 拍打,拍打聲,副翼拍打,鼓翼而飛,飄動
    • (指鳥)振翅而飛
    • ph.片語

    • ph.片語

    • n [C]可數名詞

      an entrance to the house for your pet cat, consisting of a piece of wood or plastic which hangs down over a hole at the bottom of the door, and which can swing open 供家貓進出房屋的吊門
    • 拍去,拍掉


    • 扔下


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