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  1. tight

    KK[taɪt] DJ[tait]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 緊的,不鬆動的;牢固的

      The lid was so tight that I couldn't open the box. 蓋太緊了,我打不開盒子。
    • 2. 拉緊的,繃緊的

      He made sure that the rope was tight. 他看清楚繩子是否拉緊了。
    • 3. 緊身的,緊貼的

      The shoes are too tight for me. 我覺得鞋子太緊。
    • 4. (時間,空間)緊湊的,排得滿滿的,沒空的

      We hope to finish the work next week, but the schedule's very tight. 我們希望在下週做完這工作,但日程安排很緊。The principal has a very tight schedule. 校長的日程表排得滿滿的。
    • 5. 密封的;不漏的

    • 6. 嚴厲的,嚴格的

    • 7. 麻煩的,棘手的,尷尬的

      Losing my wallet put me in a tight spot. 我的錢包丟了,弄得我很尷尬。
    • 8. (比賽等)勢均力敵的

      We had a tight volleyball match. 我們進行了一場勢均力敵的排球賽。
    • 9. (文字等)緊湊的,精鍊的;排得緊的

    • 10. 整潔的,整齊的

    • 11. 吝嗇的

      The old man is tight with his money. 老人對錢很吝嗇。
    • 12. 【商】商品難得到的;銀根緊的

      Money is a bit tight at the moment. 眼下銀根有點緊。
    • 13. 【俚】醉醺醺的[F]


    • 1. 緊,緊緊地;牢牢地

      The doctor tied the bandage too tight. 醫生把繃帶綁得太緊。
    • 2. 【方】充分地,徹底地

  3. 變化形

    • 形變: tighter,tightest

    • 副變: tighter,tightest

  4. 同義字

    a. 緊的;牢固的

    a. 緊湊的;擠滿的

    a. 缺乏的;稀有的

    a. 吝嗇的;小氣的

  5. 反義字

    「a. 緊的;牢固的;緊身的」的反義字:
    • adj 形容詞

      ►CLOTHES 衣服◄ fitting a part of your body very closely, especially in a way that is uncomfortable 緊身的﹐貼身的

      ►PULLED/STRETCHED 拉/繃◄ string, wire, cloth etc that is tight has been pulled or stretched firmly so that it is straight or cannot move 拉緊的﹐繃緊的

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      be a tight fit (=only just fits someone) 剛好合身

      pull sth tight

    • adv 副詞

      very firmly or closely; tightly 緊緊地﹐牢牢地
    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      hold tight

      keep sth tight shut

    • 緊的,牢固的,密封的,嚴厲的


    • 穩住; 留在原處

      不採取行動; 不屈服

    • 【口】(尤用於祈使句)睡個好覺
    • 不動


    • a.形容詞

    • a.形容詞

    • ph.片語

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