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  1. break up

    • ph.
      打碎, 拆開; 結束, (婚姻或男女朋友)關係中止; 開始放假;(指群體中的成員)解散, 散去
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    • ph.
    • 1. 打碎, 拆開; 結束, (婚姻或男女朋友)關係中止; 開始放假

      I broke up the candy and give each child a small piece. 我將糖果弄碎, 給每一個小孩一小塊。

      The meeting broke up at one. 會議在一點鐘時結束。

    • 2. (指群體中的成員)解散, 散去

      The meeting broke up at eleven o'clock. 會議在十一點鐘散會。

    • 3. (指學校、教職員或學生)期末放假

      When do you break up for Christmas? 你們什麼時候放聖誕節假?

    • 4. 變得衰弱; 瓦解; 崩潰

      He was breaking up under the strain. 他勞累過度, 身體逐漸衰弱。

    • 5. (尤指一段時期的好天氣)結束

      The weather shows signs of breaking up. 好天氣看樣子要過去了。


    打碎, 拆開; 結束, (婚姻或男女朋友)關係中止; 開始放假

    • ph. 強行驅散某物

    • Police were called in to break up the meeting. 出動了警察將集會驅散。

    • ph. 離婚派對

    • ph. 離婚派對

    • ph. 撤營,拔營

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    • ph. 把…分解成

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    • ph.


    • ph.
    • vt.
      把…弄碎; 拆散
    • frost had broken up the surface of the road 嚴寒把路面凍裂了

      to break sth. up into sth. 把某物拆分成某物

    • vi.
      破碎; 散開
    • to break up into sth. 碎裂成某物

      the ship broke up on the rocks 船觸礁解體了

    • ph.

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      break up : 粉碎; 破碎 ex: The ship broke up on the rocks. (船觸礁撞碎了。)結束 ex: Their marriage has broken up. (他們的婚姻已經破裂。)散開; 解散 ex: The meeting broke...

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