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  1. have

    • KK[hæv]
    • DJ[hæv]


    • aux.
    • vt.
    • n.
      富人;富國[the P]
    • 過去式:had 過去分詞:had 現在分詞:having

    • 名詞複數:haves

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. (加過去分詞,構成完成時態)已經;曾經 They haven't finished the job yet. 他們尚未完成該項工作。
    • 2. (用於假設語氣,表示與過去事實相反的假設)(假如那時)……的話 She might have come if she hadn't been so busy. 當時若不是那麼忙,她是可能來的。


    • 1. 有,擁有[W] This coat has no pockets. 這件衣服沒有口袋。
    • 2. 懷有,持有[W] Many people have doubts about the new project. 許多人對這項新工程有懷疑。
    • 3. 體驗;經驗;患[W] We had a wonderful time on the beach. 我們在海灘上玩得好極了。
    • 4. 拿;得到,取得[W] We gave him a present, but he wouldn't have it. 我們給他一件禮物,但他不肯接受。
    • 5. 進行,從事(某事) The manager is having a meeting. 經理正在開會。
    • 6. 吃;喝;吸(菸) They had their lunch in a cafeteria. 他們在一家自助餐廳吃了午飯。 Have a cup of coffee, please. 請喝杯咖啡。
    • 7. 邀請(某人),招待[O] We had some guests for dinner last night. 我們昨晚請了幾位客人吃飯。
    • 8. (用於否定句中)容忍;允許[O4] I won't have anyone smoking in here. 我不容許任何人在這裡抽菸。
    • 9. 生得,生育 My wife is going to have a baby. 我妻子快要生孩子了。
    • 10. 使,讓;招致[O7][O8] Pa's had his hands burned. 爸的手給燙傷了。 I've had the stove lighted. 我已經讓人把爐子點著了。
    • 11. 要;叫;使[O3][O4] I'll be proud to have you read it. 你肯讀它我會感到驕傲的。
    • 12. 必須,不得不[+to-v] I have to go right now. 我馬上得走。
    • 13. 【俚】哄騙,欺騙[H] They were had in that deal. 他們在那筆生意上受了騙。
    • 14. 明白,懂得[W] I guess I have your ideas. 我想我明白你的意思。
    • 15. 【俚】與(女人)性交


    • 1. 富人;富國[the P] The gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening. 貧富之間的差距在擴大。


    vt. 有,擁有,持有

    vt. 必須,應該

    vt. 使,讓;招致

    vt. 體驗;感覺;感受

    vt. 容忍;允許

    • n.
    • n.
    • abbr.
      = head acceleration device 進向加速裝置
    • have的第三人稱單數現在式
    • have的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • have
    • have
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    • IPA[hæv]



    • vt.
      惹上麻煩了 have (got) 有 have you (got) a pen? 你有鋼筆嗎?
    • aux.
      必須; 不得不; 得 to have (got) to do sth. 不得不做某事 you don't have to or you haven't got to leave so early 你不必這麼早離開


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    • have/has/had文法

      Have (現在式) ex. I have a dog 我有一隻狗...long silky hair 我有一頭亮亮的頭髮 They have 5 children all together 他們總共有五個孩子...the right side 它的右邊有藍色的條紋 Coco has seven dollars in her purse 可可的錢包...

    • have / have been 差別

      ... married. 我已結婚. 如果你要用 I have been 的話應該是 I have been ...了. I am married. VS I have been married. 兩個都是形容詞文法(...

    • had better 用法

      had better這個慣用語屬於假設語氣...相同(用來下指示)。 例句:We had better start again somewhere else...20 補充: 在當[使役動詞]用時,have, make, let, bid後面接[人],再接...