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  1. that

    • KK[ðæt]
    • DJ[ðæt]


    • pron.
    • adj.
    • adv.
    • conj.
    • 名詞複數:those

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    • 1. 那;那個,那人,那事,那東西 That's my English teacher over there. 那邊是我的英文老師。
    • 2. (已被提到的)那個,那人,那事,那東西 Who told her that? 那是誰告訴她那件事的?
    • 3. 【書】前者
    • 4. (用作關係代名詞的先行詞)那,那個 What is that which you have just stuffed into the plastic cup? 你剛才塞在塑膠杯裡的是什麼東西?
    • 5. 代替句中名詞(避免重複) The output of steel this year has increased by 20% compared with that in 1992. 今年鋼產量比一九九二年增長了百分之二十。
    • 6. (用作關係代名詞)引導關係子句


    • 1. 那,那個 That book isn't mine. 那本書不是我的。


    • 1. 【口】那樣,那麼 Is the problem that easy? 問題有那麼簡單嗎?


    • 1. 引導名詞子句 He expressed the hope that we would keep in touch with his firm. 他表示希望我們與他的公司保持聯繫。 My idea is that we should act on his suggestion. 我的意見是我們應當按照他的建議去辦。
    • 2. (引導副詞子句,表示原因或理由)因為,由於 We are glad that we have accomplished another arduous task. 我們都感到高興因為又完成了一項艱鉅的任務。
    • 3. (引導副詞子句,表示目的或結果)為了,以至於 He is working hard that he can catch up with the class. 他努力用功,以便趕上班上同學。
    • 4. 引導表示願望或感歎的子句(主句常省略) That I could stay at home today! 今天要是我能待在家裡多好呀!


    「pron. 那;那個」的反義字

    • ph.
      要不是...; 若非... But that you had seen me in the water, I would have drowned. 要不是你看見我掉在水裡, 我早就淹死了。 He would have come with us but that he had no money. 他要不是因為缺錢, 就跟我們一起來了。
    • ph.
      如此...以致於... John is so good a boy that I like him. 約翰是這麼好的一位男孩, 我喜歡他。 He so adores his daughters that he keeps buying them expensive toys. 他非常疼愛女兒, 經常給她們買貴重的玩具。
    • ph.
      為的是; 以便 She worked hard so that everything would be ready by 6 oclock. 她拼命幹以便能到6點時把一切都準備好。
    • ph.
      等等 I'm not an artist but I love paintings, sculptures and that. 我不是個藝術家, 但是我喜歡畫和雕塑品等等。
    • ph.
      如人們過去對某人常用的稱呼 Miss Brown that was, before her marriage. 布朗小姐, 即她婚前的稱呼。
    • ph.
      倘若; 以...為條件 I will go, provided that you go too. 你也去的話我就去。 Provided (that) there is no opposition, we shall hold the meeting here. 假如無人反對, 我們就在這裡開會。
    • ph.
      既然; 因為; 而今 Now that you have come, you may as well stay for a few days. 既然來了, 你就不妨住幾天嘛。 Now that you have mentioned it, I do remember. 你一提到這件事, 我就想起來了。
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    • IPA[ðæt]



    • det
      那(個) that chair/woman over there 那邊的那把椅子/那個女人 I said that dress! 我說的是那件連衣裙!
    • pron.
      那(個) what's that? 那是甚麼? who's that? 是誰啊?
    • conj.
      竟然 that it should come to this! 事情怎麼會這樣啊! that she should treat me so badly! 她怎麼能如此惡劣地對待我!
    • adv.
      那麼 you're not that stupid 你沒那麼蠢 I can't do that much work in one day 我一天之內做不了那麼多工作
    • 以致,因為 那那?,那樣