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  1. the

    • KK[ðə]
    • DJ[ðə]


    • art.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • art.
    • 1. 這(個),那(個)

      Do you know the man talking to the boss? 你認識那個在跟老板說話的男人嗎?

    • 2. 這些,那些

      Have you got the letters I sent you? 我寄給你的那幾封信收到了嗎?

    • adv.
    • 1. (用於形容詞,副詞比較級前)越……越……

      The sooner, the better. 越快越好。

      The older he gets, the more active he becomes. 他越老越活躍。

    • 2. (用於比較級前)更加

      If you put in a good word for him, he's all the more likely to get the job. 要是你替他說句好話,他就更有可能得到這份工作了。

    • pref. 表示神的(如:theology)

    • ph. 剩餘的全部(複數)

    • One of the doors is open, and the others ones are closed. 這些門有一個是開著的, 其餘的全部都開著。

      Some of the boys are Americans, and the others are Chinese. 這些男孩有一部分是美國人, 其餘全部是中國人。

    • ph. 死者

    • The deceased were both killed with the same knife. 兩個死者是被同一把刀刺死的。

    • ph. 【婉】老年人; 長者

    • We should take good care of the elderly. 我們應該好好照顧老年人。

    • ph. 【口】(用作強調表示拒絕、驚訝等的語句)到底, 竟然

    • I'm going to a party. The devil you are! “我要去參加一個聚會。” “你敢!”

      What/Who/Why/Where the devil is that? 到底是什麼鬼名堂(是哪個傢伙/是為什麼/是在什麼鬼地方)?

    • ph. 死者

    • All Christians believe that Christ rose from the dead. 所有的基督徒都相信基督復活。

    • ph. 一...就

    • I'll tell her the minute she gets here. 她一到這裡, 我就告訴她。

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    • IPA[ðiː]



    • det
    • he hadn't the courage to refuse 他沒有勇氣拒絕

      we don't have the money for a holiday 我們沒有錢去度假

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