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  1. against

    • IPA[əˈɡeɪnst]



    • prep.
    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 緊靠著
    • 2. 碰著 waves crashed against the rocks 浪頭拍打著岩石 frustration made him bang his head against the wall 他懊惱得用頭撞牆
    • 3. 反對; 對抗 protests against the war 反戰抗議 a warning against drug abuse 對濫用毒品的警告
    • 4. 對…不利 to discriminate against women 歧視婦女 she's prejudiced against me 她對我有成見
    • 5. 逆向
    • 6. 預防 vaccination against cholera 霍亂疫苗的接種 insurance against fire 火險
    • 7. 相對於 the pound rose/fell against the dollar 英鎊對美元升值/貶值了 the rate of exchange against the euro 對歐元的匯率
    • 8. 以…為背景; 在…的襯托下 to stand out against ... 在…的映襯下顯得醒目 dark trees stood out against the snow 黑壓壓的樹木在白雪的映襯下奪目顯眼
    • 9. 為…作準備 she is saving against her retirement 她在為退休存錢 preparations were being made against his return 人們正在為他的歸來作準備
    • 10. 以…作為交換 payment will be against presentation of the bill of lading 貨款將在出示提單後支付


    • 1. 反對 did you vote for or against? 你投了贊成票還是反對票?


    1. in opposition to

    2. in anticipation of and preparation for (a problem or difficulty)

    3. in resistance to; as protection from

    4. in visual contrast to

    5. in or into physical contact with (something), so as to be supported by or collide with it


    「1. in opposition to」的反義字

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      ...opinion is turned over in my own mind. 3.lean on & lean against 例子: (1) Please don't lean against the wall (2) ...

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      Race against time 是指跟時間賽跑或善用每分每秒的意思..其中的against是不需要用來個別翻譯...分每秒..不用照字面逐字翻譯. 希望對你有幫助 2008-01-01 16:14:50 補充: against用法很多,如: 反對;違反 The fight against inflation has been...