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  1. among

    • IPA[əˈmʌŋ]



    • prep.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 在…中 to be among friends 和朋友在一起 among those present was the ambassador 出席的人中有那位大使
    • 2. …之一 she was among those who survived 她是幸存者之一 I count him among my closest friends 我把他當作我最要好的朋友之一
    • 3. 在…之間 they discussed it quietly among themselves 他們內部之間悄悄地討論了這事 cooperation among several European countries 幾個歐洲國家之間的合作


    1. situated more or less centrally in relation to (several other things)

    2. being a member or members of (a larger set)

    3. indicating a division, choice, or differentiation involving three or more participants

  2. 知識+

    • among others與pronuciation

      ...cold or sweaty hands, and weakness in the legs, among others." 請問本句的among others = and... , Haiti , India , and Mexico , among others. (糧價高漲導致40個國家發生暴動,包括發生...

    • among?among?

      among 是個介係詞,其意為"在…之間 ",用於三個或三個以上的人或物之間,或竉统的一群人或一些物之間,。舉例如下: 1 Paris is among the largest cities in the world. 巴黎是全球最大都市之一...

    • among的用法?

      the country是單數的一個個體,你不能用代表[在三者以上當中]的介系詞among與其搭配。你只能在代表三者以上的複數名詞時,才能用among,如among the rich...